of the Great Lakes Conference Churches of God, General Conference


The Foundation to serve:

There are many ways that the Foundation can be of service to the local churches in the Great Lakes Conference of the Churches of God and her affiliates.

We have staff that can give a local church guidance, assistance and encouragement as they move forward to expand the growth and vision of the church. The Foundation is desirous in assisting in the development of strategies in financial planning in fulfilling ministry. We will help you create a new development plan for the next five years; help your church expand the vision; help you find the right people that can expand your ministry to your community and around the world. Contact Us

If we do not have staff that can help, we will help you find those resources from our Board of Directors, The Great Lakes Conference, and The General Conference of the Churches of God.

We want to do more than gives grants, but be a service to help agencies and churches to develop the potential that God is calling to serve in your community.

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The Foundation can serve:

We can help you in the area of investment of monies that you are holding for the rainy day or the ministry that God is calling you to.

We will make available to you the opportunity to participate in a Facilitator Investment Agreement with The Foundation that can help you control your extra funds for the day that you will need the funds and help make it safe for your congregation, but yet available for your use as needed. Contact Us

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Investment Facilitator Program

The Foundation has developed an Investment Facilitator Program to help local Great Lakes Conference churches and agencies to invest their assets.  The Great Lakes Conference of the Churches of God, General Conference has participated in this new program for the past several years.  They have been very pleased with the results and operation of the program for their ministries within the Conference.  The Foundation believes that this program provides churches and agencies with better returns than typically received from funds such as certificates of deposit and/or money market funds.

How Does This Investment Facilitator Program Work? 
Make an appointment to meet with the President and Treasurer of the Foundation to discuss the ways that this program could be of value and benefit to your organization.  Review with them the Investment Facilitator Agreement to gain complete understanding and satisfaction for your organization.  When your governing board makes a decision to participate in the program, the Investment Facilitator Agreement would be prepared for signatures.  Your church or agencies assets would then be liquidated to cash and presented to The Foundation for investment purposes.  The Foundation merges your cash into its investment portfolio for investment purposes.  The Foundation reports the status of your investment valuation on a quarterly basis.  Your church agency can withdraw from your investment as necessary, subject to reasonable administrative procedures prescribed in the Facilitator Agreement.

Benefits to Your Organization to Participate in the Investment Facilitator Program:
Your church or agency will continue to be the sole owner of your pro-rata share of The Foundations investment portfolio.  As a portion of The Foundations investment portfolio, your assets receive professional investment management.  While no guarantee of profit can be made, historically, professionally, managed portfolios that include equities and bonds will provide greater returns over time than the typical church investment portfolio of certificates of deposit of money market funds.  The Foundation shall at least annually calculate the gains and/or losses of the Investment Assets.  Your church agency may determine to withdraw cash from your investment with a thirty (30) days written notice to The Foundation.

Note:  This agreement should be viewed as an investment tool and not be used like a checking account.  The Foundation’s financial activities are professionally audited on an annual basis.

Responsibilities of The Foundation with your Investment Portfolio:

If your church or agency has an interest in the Facilitate Financial Growth Program of The Foundation, please contact us.

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