of the Great Lakes Conference Churches of God, General Conference


Grant Information

The Foundation ministry is that of Grant Making. We make Grants to all those organizations and/or affiliates of the Great Lakes Conference of the Churches of God, who qualify. We serve as a partner to the Great Lakes in providing an opportunity for the various organizations such as, Executive Board, Commissions and Churches of the Great Lakes Conference. We do not make Grants to anyone outside of the Great Lakes Conference. There are opportunities for these groups or organizations to make a request dealing with other affiliates of the Great Lakes Conference such as Churches of God Mission fields around the world, the various educational institutions, Winebrenner Theological Seminary and The University of Findlay. The Great Lakes Conference Region is the State of Ohio and Michigan.

You will find various Grant Forms that you can download or you can contact The Foundation Office by phone: 419-425-9602 or by email:

Guidelines for Grant Seekers

Guidelines for Grant Seekers is provided to assist you when submitting a grant request. It supplies information and details about the purpose and operational policies of The Foundation and the factors that influence the Boards decisions in awarding grants. Prepare your grant request carefully, with these guidelines in mind. This will enable you to present your ideas in a clear and compelling way.

Every grant request will be carefully reviewed and processed. The Foundation will act on each Preliminary Grant Request and on each Formal Application. It is our desire to serve you, on behalf of the Great Lakes Conference.



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